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Chiara Studio is a  web development company based in Cleveland, Ohio providing service that delivers impact solution for your business requirements and improves the overall growth of clients business in the market.

Established in 2013 as a freelance organization when it originally started doing the freelance work. It was later founded as Chiara Studio  where it has grown into thriving technology company. Here at Chiara Studio we apply our expertise full time in the technology industry and continuously improves our service delivery due to the continuous change in technology. We aim to deliver impacts to our customers by giving the best services. We target all businesses that are applying technology in the market to improve your financial growth and competitive advantage.

Our Mission

We set our mission to provide the affordable eminent work and help you bring your ideas to life from planning to implementation. Our vision is to be Renowned and trusted Web development company in the world by providing best services to clients with 100% satisfaction + Reasonable price + long lasting relationship with them.

Know More About Us

The services we provide are unique and custom made to fit the needs of our clients. We take the initiative of to get to know our clients, their business, their goals, strengths, and weakness. That way we can deliver to each client based on specific needs and wants on a budget that fits them and will help them grow.


When you decide to start a company you have been inspired, either by a person, talent, idea, or passion of entrepreneurship. That inspiration is what led us to our name. The artist and jewelry crafter Barbara A. Chiaramonte was our inspiration. After retiring she started two companies. Chiara Creations and Chiara Jewelry. She was a woman of many talents, from painting beautiful landscapes of Italy to all the creators of the world, she was talented with acrylics and watercolors, she occasionally used oils and pastels. The jewelry she designed was all one of a kind, some with pieces of hand picked beach glass, others with gems, stones, and beautiful beads. Barb was an award-winning artist who passed away doing what she loved, teaching art. She is still an inspiration today.

When it came time to think about a company name, we remembered the two she had, thought it couldn’t have been more fitting than to go with Chiara Studio. We know many are trying to figure out how to say it correctly, Chiara is Italian for “clear” or “crystal”. Our company uses the Italian pronunciation, “KEY AIR AH”, with the standard/English pronunciation of studio. Put it together you have Chiara Studio.

Our Happy Clients

FAQ Answers

Our key mission is to provide simple and affordable services to clients and businesses, to help them incorporate their technological ideas into business activities. This includes helping them in planning, designing, and implementation of technological systems.

When you hire Chiara Studio, you hire a team of excellence, who strive to deliver.

Classified Ads Websites, Online Jobs Portals, E-commerce Websites, Property Listings, Mobile App Development, Search Engines optimization, designing promotional banners, brochures, mobile apps, Facebook advertising, and B2B web portals, just to start.

Expert in Web/Graphic Design, Web Development, SEO & Marketing. Here are some others

  • PHP
  • Word Press
  • Mobile App Development,
  • Jquery
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Magneto
  • joomla
  • Drpal
  • MySQL

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