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In last few years, the demand for paid online advertising has increased manifold. Though there are other ways of online marketing and advertising but PPC advertising is considered as one of the best ways to advertise your product.

If you are also planning to launch your own PPC campaign on Google, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook then contact us. Here at Chiara Studio we have a team of PPC experts and they have successfully handled PPC campaigns for leading international clients.

We believe in offering our clients with transparent services and cost effective rates. If you really want your website to achieve higher search engine rankings in a quick way then we would suggest for you to go for Pay per Click advertising.

Why Chiara Studio

• The Chiara Studio team will provide you with a detailed course of action and it will include the number of clicks that we can help you achieve over a certain period of time. We also make sure that relevant clicks happen so that you can convert those as your business leads and hence more profit can be earned.
• Our team of PPC experts is well versed in using the Google Adwords tool and our team members always make sure that a systematic and professional approach is adopted while working on client’s project. As a result, we are able to deliver top notch results and we earn excellent appreciation from our clients.
• One of the main reasons why we are able to deliver exceptional results is because we always believe in consistency, monitoring, and management of the project. We consider important factors such as click-through rate as well as quality score while monitoring and as a result impeccable solutions are delivered to our esteemed clients.


Facebook.  A marketing juggernaut – or pipe dream?

Certainly, Zuckerberg and company want and expect the juggernaut.  They developed the world’s most used digital social platform, meaning that one way or another, business leads are spending time there.

The problem with Facebook is, as much as it’s the internet’s main social hangout, it hasn’t been as receptive to advertising.  Ads were seen as obtrusive and irrelevant, about as welcome as the telemarketing call during dinner.

Today, advertisements on Facebook are more personalized and have a “native” presentation that lets them fit into news feeds in a way that doesn’t smack of hard selling or promotion.

And the results are promising.  As people shop and interact with local businesses, Facebook ads are showing a real knack for lead generation.

So, it’s time to take another look at Facebook marketing.  Fans will “like” your business, and the word spreads from there.


Google AdWords is the world’s largest and most popular PPC advertising platform. AdWords is so widely used, it has become synonymous with the term “paid search.” The two terms are used interchangeably, even though other platforms such as Bing Ads work in a similar way.

Paid search focuses on the targeting of keywords and the use of text-based advertisements. Advertisers using AdWords bid on keywords – specific words and phrases included in search queries entered by Google users – in the hopes that their ads will be displayed alongside search results for these queries.

Each time a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged a certain amount of money, hence the name “pay-per-click advertising.” PPC bidding and bid optimization is a complex topic, and beyond the scope of this guide, but essentially, users are paying for the potential to find new customers based on the keywords and search terms they enter into Google.

Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads: Which Should You Be Using?

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful advertising platforms that cater to virtually every type of business. When evaluating each solution’s strengths and potential applications, it’s also apparent that the two platforms should be viewed in a complementary, rather than adversarial, way. Some people insist on comparing Facebook Ads to the Google Display Network, and while the two platforms share some similarities, the ways in which the two platforms have evolved independently of one another shows that AdWords and Facebook should be used in concert, not in opposition.

Harnessing the power of both paid search and paid social is a remarkably effective advertising strategy. However, it necessitates a dual advertising strategy that aligns with the strengths of each respective platform. Although marketing messaging can – and arguably should – remain consistent across both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, it’s vital to understand how best to use each platform for maximum ROI and greater business growth.


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